Ms. Nartonya Houston appointed as Police Chief for Calhoun County Schools

Judge Annie Doris Holder, Magistrate and Probable Court Judge for Calhoun County Georgia appointed Ms. Nartonya Houston Police Chief of Calhoun County Schools in Edison Georgia. Interim Superintendent, Mrs. Pamela Quimbley, as well as Principal, Dr. Tonya Robinson, gave a welcoming address introducing Ms. Houston and listing her accomplishments, as well as explaining our joy and appreciation for her role as Police Chief at Calhoun County Schools.
After Judge Holder swore Ms. Houston in, Coach John Williams gave thanks for our many blessings, as well as the wonderful food our amazing Calhoun County Chefs had prepared for everyone. It was a proud day at Calhoun County Schools, and we feel so blessed and safe with our new School Police Chief, Mrs. Nartonya Houston