Sick Leave Bank Infomation



I.                   Purpose

The purpose of the sick leave bank is to provide employees with sick leave upon the exhaustion of all accrued sick leave days.

II.                  Establishment

In order for the bank to become operational, it must be approved by the Board of Education and at least fifty (50) percent of the eligible employees must, by application, join the bank.

III.                  Bank Administration

The sick leave bank shall be administered by a committee composed of a classroom teacher from each school, a representative from the principals, a representative from the Superintendent’s office, and a representative from support personnel.  The members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Superintendent.  The Committee members shall serve staggered terms not to exceed three (3) years.  Committee members can be reappointed.  The responsibilities of the Committee are as follows:

  1. Accept and approve applications for membership in the bank.
  2. Monitor and keep account of the number of days in the bank.
  3. Consider all applications to withdraw days from the bank.
  4. To enforce all policies and provisions of the bank.
  5. To recommend any addition, deletions, or modifications to bank policies or provisions. Such recommendations shall be submitted to the Board of Education for approval.
  6. Report on a periodic basis the status of the bank to the members.
  7. To approve additional levies of sick leave days to replenish the bank when it reaches a level set forth in the guidelines. Notification of the levy will be made to the members at least thirty (30) days in advance.
  8. The Committee shall make the final decision in awarding days from the bank.
  9. The Committee shall meet at least two (2) times during the school year.

IV.                  Bank Membership

 All full-time employees are eligible to become members of the bank.  The employee must have worked with the school system at least one (1) year (employed from September 1 previous year through September 1 of current year) and have accrued no less than five (5) sick leave days at the time of the membership application window.  The five (5) days must have carried forward from the previous year.  Effective date for bank withdrawal for new members will be 30 days from the date of new member membership application.

 The window period for joining the bank will be from September 1 to October 1 of each school year.  Membership requirements are as follows:

  1. A completed membership application.
  2. Contribution of one (1) sick leave day to the bank at the time of membership enrollment.
  3. Contribution of one (1) sick leave day each time the balance of the bank falls below twenty-five (25) percent of the number of members in the bank. In the event a member does not have a day of sick leave to contribute to the bank, one (1) day will be contributed as that day is earned.

Membership in the bank is strictly voluntary.  A person may resign from the bank by giving written notification to the bank committee.  The employee, upon resignation from the bank, shall not be eligible to rejoin the bank.  If employment with the school system ceases, the member is placed on inactive membership.  If the member owes days to the bank at the time of separation from the bank /school system, the time owed will be assessed.  Membership status will be upgraded to active upon reemployment with the school system.  Employees on approved leaves of absence are considered employed.

V.                Withdrawal of Sick Leave Day

Sick leave days may be withdrawn for personal illness/injury of the employee or their immediate family (ex. spouse, children, or parents).  Any illness that is elective in nature (unless complications arise) is not covered by the sick leave bank.

After a member’s accumulated sick leave has been exhausted, and the member has been absent for five (5) continuous working days without pay or Workers’ Compensation, she/he is eligible to withdraw days from the bank.

Application for withdrawal of days from the bank must be submitted within 10 days of the illness/injury/surgery.

Members shall be eligible to draw ten (10) day increments from the bank up to a maximum of fifty (50) sick leave days for all bank members (July 1 – June 30). Applications for each ten (10) day increment shall be accompanied by a current physician’s statement. Photocopies will be accepted.  Applications for additional increments will be submitted within seven (7) days of the original or previous application.  If a member is incapacitated and cannot act on her/his own behalf, a family member (spouse, children, etc.) or designated person is authorized to submit the member’s application.  Any unused sick leave days in the increments granted shall be restored to the bank.

Any member withdrawing days from the bank shall not be required to replace those days.  Exception:  Alleged abuse of the bank shall be investigated and if there is a finding of wrongdoing the employee shall be required to repay all of the days withdrawn from the bank and be subject to such other disciplinary action as determined by the Board of Education to be appropriate.  

Revised August, 2013

Disclaimer: Calhoun County School System prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.