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Scholarships added for 2021 seniors

From the desk of our Principal.

1. New Bethel MB Church Citizenship Scholarship Award (500.00). To Apply:  500 word essay—Why is it Important for me to Be an Excellent Cougar Role Model?  Be sure to include accomplishments in the past year including academics, community involvement, mentorship roles, church activities, leadership roles, and at least three adult references that agree with your essay and have been instrumental in your growth as a cougar. This check will be made to the college of your choice in the amount of 500.00.

2. Jeff’s Furniture Scholastic Achievement Award Scholarship (250.00). Only students in the top 10% can apply and/or Honor Graduates. In 500 words explain the importance of representing Cougar Country at the next level—college. Explain what college you plan on attending, what is your plans on making sure you succeed, where do you see yourself in the next ten years, and how has becoming an academic scholar impacted the way you approach life. Also include your journey—awards won in high school, people you have helped tutored and Cougar lives you have impacted through studying and hard work. This check will be made to the college of your choice in the amount of $250.00

3. Jeff Haynes Student-Athelete Scholarship Award (250.00). This Award will be given to the student athlete that not only represents Cougar Nation on the field and court, but in the classroom and community. In a 500 word essay, explain your journey. Explain the hardships, triumphs and defeats you have weathered as a Cougar Nation prodigy both on and off the field/court. Explain why was it important to represent your school on whatever stage you performed, local, regional or state level. Talk about your struggle and hunger to achieve greatness both in and out the classrooms. List both athletic and academic awards.  Also list the one person who most contributed to your success. This check will be made to the college of your choice in the amount of $250.00

All essays must be turned in no later than Monday May 17, 2021 at 3:00 pm to Mr. Craveous Butler. Scholarships will be presented graduation day.

Craveous Butler