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Calhoun County Board Recognizes Student Achievement

Calhoun County students were recognized for student achievement from the Elementary, Middle and High School at the March Board of Education Meeting.  Elementary and Middle School students were recognized for their participation in the individual school and system wide Spelling Bee.  The high school Math, Literary, FFA Hog Showing Team, Boys and Girls Basketball Teams were introduced and also congratulated for their hard work, dedication and success in their endeavors.


Girls Basketball team with certificates

Girls Basketball Team with Coach Cornelius Walker

Boys Basketball Team with Board members and Coaches

Boys Basketball Team with Coaches Marcus Shaw, Stacy Carter, Quenten Taylor and Board Members

Literary team with coaches

Literary Team and Coaches William Hall and Santee Archer

Hog showing team and coach

FFA Hog Showing Team and advisor Gordon Taff

Melody with Math team coach

Math team Participant and Coach Jocelyn George

3rd place overall spelling bee contestant

Third Place System winner from Elementary School and Principal Kesha Butler.

Elementary and middle school students with Principal

Middle and Elementary system Spelling Bee winners and participants with Principal Kesha Butler.