Theresa Lubin

Theresa Lubin, Principal
  • Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! I am honored and elated to be your principal. Our goal  at Calhoun County High School is to inspire young minds to reach their full potential. In addition, we aim to provide a safe and orderly environment filled with rich instructional experiences, which is key to student success.

    High standards and expectations for student performance and behavior are central to the beliefs that we hold dear a CCHS. Molding responsible adults in charge of their own learning is what we are striving to achieve. Every student has a success story, and it is our goal to assist each student in telling that story.

    What CCHS teachers believe:
    All students can achieve!
    Quality instruction is central to student success
    Rigorous curriculum leads to student creative thought processes
    Real-world experiences and reliability of standards lead to student engagement

    Successful CCHS students:
    Take ownership of their learning
    Collaborate effectively with peers
    Respect the learning environment
    Utilize critical thinking skills in order to solve problems
    Make positive, responsible choices
    Demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning

    Lastly, an effective partnership between home and school is essential to the success and restoration of the winning tradition of Calhoun County High School. Parents, students and school officials must all work together in order to support the learning process.

    Let’s make this the best year ever.


    Theresa Love Lubin