Degrees and Certifications:

Sakeena Chatman

Education:  In addition to the Reading Endorsement, I earned the Bachelor of Science and Master of Education Degrees in Special Education with a minor in Sociology from Albany State University.  

Certification:  Special Education General Curriculum, Special Education Adapted Curriculum, Reading

Years of Experience: 13

My Class Schedule: 

1st Pd- 9th LIT/COMP

2nd Pd- 9th LIT/COMP

3rd Pd- Reading Enrichment

4th Pd- Reading Enrichment

6th Pd- American Lit

7th Pd- American Lit

My teaching philosophy: My philosophy is that every individual has the capacity to learn. Instructional delivery may need to adapt to meet a student where they are in order to help them master course objectives and successfully complete assessments. Successful pedagogy is not “one size fits all.”